Every year in March, our department holds a seminar in remembrance of Prof.Dr. Halim Doğrusöz. This year's seminar will be on March 29th (Friday), at 4pm, in the Halim Doğrusöz Auditorum (IE03).

Our guest speaker is Associate Professor Dr. Deniz Tunçalp of İTÜ Management Engineering Department.


Science, Engineering or Consulting: The Role of Operations Research/Management Science in Tackling Sustainability Problems in the Last Twenty Years


This talk explores the multifaceted role of Operations Research/Management Science (OR/MS) in addressing sustainability problems through various analytical perspectives. The study presented in this talk employs a content analysis method akin to Denizel, Üsdiken and Tunçalp (2003), to dissect and categorize the existing OR/MS literature tackling sustainability problems into scientific, engineering, and consulting perspectives. It aims to uncover how OR/MS has shifted its focus towards sustainability issues in the last 20 years and to determine which of these three perspectives predominates in current research. The results provide insights into the evolution of OR/MS methodologies and their application in tackling complex sustainability problems. Results also identify how the field adapts to global environmental and social imperatives.


Dr. Deniz Tunçalp is an Associate Professor at the Management Engineering Department at Istanbul Technical University. He researches management and organizations, focusing on organization theory, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. He received his bachelor's degree from the Middle East Technical University (METU) Industrial Engineering Department. He obtained his master's degrees from the same department at METU, METU Informatics Institute, and the Law Department of Istanbul Bilgi University. He serves as an area editor for the Management Decision Journal and the Journal of Management and Organization Studies (TR). He is also an editorial board member for the Journal of Global Information Technology Management.

We cordially invite you to join us in this seminar.


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