Effect of Supply Chain Structure on Production and Carbon Emissions in Remanufacturing Systems
Mehmet Alegöz, Department of Industrial Engineering, Eskişehir Technical University


Collection and remanufacturing of used products can be considered as one of the options to improve the sustainability of a manufacturing system. In this study, we focus on production and emission reduction decisions in pure manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing-remanufacturing systems and compare the systemwide performances and the performances of supply chain actors under different settings in terms of economic and environmental performance measures. In the first setting, no remanufacturing is made and only the manufactured products are sold, whereas in the second, the third and the fourth settings, used products are collected and remanufactured by the manufacturer, the retailer and a third-party remanufacturer, respectively. Under all settings, we consider the environmental impact of the supply chain and adopt the carbon tax policy. We propose stylized models for the centralized and decentralized cases of each setting and analyze the decisions obtained under optimal or equilibrium solution. Our models and computational results bring various important insights to us. Particularly, we observe that manufacturer always collects and remanufactures less products compared to retailer or third-party remanufacturer. There are also instances in which collection and remanufacturing may not be profitable for the manufacturer but it may be for the retailer or a third-party remanufacturer. On the other hand, we observe that retailer or remanufacturer’s collection and remanufacturing decision may significantly deteriorate the profit of the manufacturer.
Joint work with Dr. Onur Kaya and Dr. Z. Pelin Bayindir.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Short Bio
Mehmet Alegoz is a research and teaching assistant in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Eskisehir Technical University. He completed his Ph.D. study in 2019 under the supervisions of Dr. Onur Kaya and Dr. Z. Pelin Bayindir. His research interests lie in the area of sustainable supply chains ranging from emission policies to coordination and competition. He mainly uses dynamic programming, stochastic programming and game theory to develop solution approaches for the problems in this area. Mehmet has papers that are either published or under editorial review in respected journals.

VenueFriday, February 21, 2020 at 4.00 pm in IE 03


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