Chairman's Message

The METU Industrial Engineering Department is the first of its kind in Turkey since 1969. In addition to their academic research, the IE faculty is active in sponsored research projects conducted for the industry and the government. Based on this experience, the Department is well placed to offer education over a wide range, to take part in joint research projects and to engage in all types of national and international academic work. Murat Köksalan


  • Industrial Engineering Fall 2014 Courses
  • Attention to those who need to take IE4XX technical elective courses in this semester (Fall 2014)

    This semester, there are 10 undergraduate technical elective courses and also 4 graduate courses which can be added as technical electives by the undergraduate students. You can see the list of the courses below. Syllabuses can be reached by clicking the name of the courses.

    On Wednesday September, 17, there will be a meeting about technical elective courses at 10:00 at IE03. In order to get information about IE4XX technical elective courses, please attend this meeting.