Production Planning and Scheduling

Our key research focus areas include

  • Aggregate production planning
  • Material requirements planning
  • Product mix planning
  • Lot sizing
  • Shop floor scheduling
  • Assembly line balancing
  • Just in time and lean manufacturing
  • Project scheduling

Members of the research group

Selected projects

  • Development of Performance Based Project Management Decision Support System for Construction Project Consultancy Companies, ES Project, June 2014 - June 2015. Team member(s): Duran S.
  • Development of a Decision Support System to Determine the Work Load of Engineering Design Project, TAI, June 2012 - 2013. Team members: Özdemirel N. E., Duran S., İyigün C., Bakal İ. S.
  • Development of Make-or-Buy Decision Support System for an Automobile Production Line, TOFAŞ Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş, June 2011 - 2012. Team members: Kayalıgil S., Duran S., Arıkan U.
  • Havayolu Taşımacılığında Çizelge Aksaklıkları Yönetimi, METU BAP-08-11-2011-125, January 2011 - 2012. Team member(s): Gürel S., Arıkan U.

Selected publications

  • Cao W., Çelik M., Ergun Ö., Swann J., Viljoen, N. (2016), Challenges in service network expansion: An application in donated breastmilk banking in South Africa, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 53(1), pp 33-48.
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