Interactive Multi Response Surface Optimization under Model Uncertainty for Robust Parameter Design
Melis Özateş
Industrial Engineering Department, METU

We develop interactive approaches for two-response robust parameter design problem considering preferences of a decision maker (DM) under model uncertainty for two cases where variance is homogeneous and heterogeneous. It is desired to minimize the joint variation in the responses and the distances of response means from their target values by deciding on the parameter settings of the product. To provide relevant information on the consequences of solutions to the DM, we produce visual aids on performance measures such as joint response confidence and prediction regions of solutions under consideration. We demonstrate that prediction error of the response surface models affects the quality of the solutions and should be considered in evaluating them.

Short Bio
Melis ÖZATEŞ received her B.Sc. degree from Middle East Technical University Industrial Engineering Department in 2012. She worked as a research assistant in the same department since her graduation. She has received his M.Sc. degree from the same department in 2015, where she currently holds a research assistant position. She continues her Ph.D. studies in the department. Her research interests are multi objective optimization, quality engineering and multi response optimization.

Friday, November 16, 2018 at 4.00 pm in IE03


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