The Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Shared Charging Stations
Çağrı Koç
Dept of Business Administration, Social Sciences University of Ankara (ASBU)


We introduce the electric vehicle routing problem with shared charging stations (E‐VRP‐SCS). The E‐VRP‐SCS extends the electric vehicle routing problem with nonlinear charging function (E‐VRP‐NL) by considering several companies that jointly invest in charging stations (CSs). The objective is to minimize the sum of the fixed opening cost of CSs and the drivers cost. The problem consists of deciding the location and technology of the CSs and building the routes for each company. It is solved by means of a multistart heuristic that performs an adaptive large neighborhood search coupled with the solution of mixed integer linear programs. It also contains a number of advanced efficient procedures tailored to handle specific components of the E‐VRP‐SCS. We perform extensive computational experiments on benchmark instances. We assess the competitiveness of the heuristic on the E‐VRP‐NL and derive 38 new best known solutions. New benchmark results on the E‐VRP‐SCS are presented, solved, and analyzed.
This is joint work with Ola Jabali, Jorge E. Mendoza, and Gilbert Laporte.

Short Bio

Çağrı Koç is an Associate Professor of Operations Research in Department of Business Administration at Social Sciences University of Ankara (ASBU). Prior to joining the ASBU in 2017, he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at HEC Montreal and CIRRELT. He received his Ph.D. degree (2015) in Management Science from the Southampton Business School of University of Southampton. He is the recipient of the Doctoral Award from the Operational Research Society in 2015. His research mainly focuses on the application of mathematical and metaheuristic optimization techniques to sustainable transportation, supply chain and logistics management problems, more specifically to vehicle routing and scheduling problems. He has published in leading academic journals including Transportation Research Part B and C, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers and Operations Research, the Journal of the Operational Research Society, among others.

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