An Optimization Approach for Historical Building Restoration Planning

Halenur Şahin Mahmutoğulları,

Department of Industrial Engineering, TOBB ETÜ University of Economics and Technology, Ankara


This study presents an optimization model for planning restoration works in historical buildings. There is a limited amount of literature on modeling the restoration of historical monuments, and most existing studies use multi-criteria decision-making models to prioritize restoration works. Restoration of historical monuments is a time-consuming and expensive process, and optimizing restoration works is essential given the cultural, social, and economic importance of these buildings. However, no operations research study has been found that addresses this problem as comprehensively as this study. Where the minimum set of actions required to correct defects in a building is termed a 'work', it can be assumed that there may be more than one 'work' due to different defects in a building. The restoration works need to be assigned to work packages and scheduled according to a limited budget allocated for restoration. Since the budget is limited, the entire budget for a given period is allocated to only one work package, and new work cannot start before the completion of the ongoing work package. Similar types of work can be completed by the same team for different historical buildings located close to each other. It is aimed to complete the restoration works of the buildings as early as possible, given that the building will remain closed to use/visit until all the restoration works on a work are completed. This study presents a mathematical model to assign works to work packages while considering their similarity and geographical proximity, making optimal assignment and scheduling decisions under limited budget conditions. This approach can provide economic advantages by completing similar works with the same team for historical buildings located close to each other. The proposed optimization model can aid in the planning and management of restoration works for historical monuments and cultural heritages.

Short Bio

Halenur Şahin Mahmutoğulları is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering, TOBB ETÜ University of Economics and Technology, Ankara. Dr. Mahmutoğulları received her BS and MS degrees from Bilkent University, Department of Industrial Engineering, and her PhD degree from our department. Her main research areas are Humanitarian Logistics and Multiple Criteria Decision Making.


Friday, May 26, 2023, 4.00 pm - Zoom


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