New Technologies for Integrated Sustainable Supply Chain Network and Production Planning

Iraj Mahdavi, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology


These days companies became more interested in considering sustainability issues in different levels of supply chain management including supplier selection for providing initial materials, production planning and technologies, warehousing, last-mile delivery, tracing, collecting, and recycling the products. This happened because many of the customers are requesting the firms to devise more green operations and revise their business models to mitigate environmental issues like carbon emissions and global warming as well as social and economical sustainability issues such as child labor, low salary, and gender equality. Although implementing new technologies, methodologies, standards, and circular economy practices can be helpful for improving the sustainability goals of companies, it requires a more specific analysis of the related operations at different stages of the supply chain to maintain profitability besides enhancing environmental and social aspects. Further, it is necessary to employ modern technologies of industry 4.0 in different stages of supply chain and manufacturing processes to enhance sustainability and economic profit. On the other hand, modeling and optimization of such smart systems is significant to reach a balanced coordination of elements of supply chain network and manufacturing system.

Short Bio

Iraj Mahdavi is a Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering and currently, he is the dean of the Industrial and Computer Engineering college at Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Iran. He holds a Ph.D. from G.B.Pant University and his research interests are Supply Chain Management, Cellular Manufacturing, Production Planning, and Sustainable Development. He is the President of the Iranian Operations Research Society and he has published many articles in journals such as the International Journal of Production Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Computers in Industry, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, and Expert Systems with Applications. He actively cooperates in organizing international conferences and editorial boards of several journals.


Friday, March 10, 2023, 4.00 pm - Zoom


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