Finding an Energy Efficient Path for a Plug-in Electric Vehicle via Speed Optimization

Bilgenur ERDOĞAN, Department of Industrial Engineering, METU


In recent years, number of studies on sustainable systems and green logistics have increased. More research will be made in the near future thanks to the increasing environmental awareness of humanity to protect "our home", the world. In this direction, electric vehicles make a major contribution to have a greener environment. Due to their lower tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines, they will be more attractive year by year. Based on this trend, we consider the problem of minimizing the energy consumption of a Plug – In Electric Vehicle (PEV) that aims go from an origin to destination. The problem is defined on a directed network where two of the nodes are origin and destination. There are charging stations on some nodes, speed limits on each arc, and a timelimit before which the PEV should arrive at the destination. Our aim is to determine a path joining origin and destination, the speed of the PEV on each arc along the path, the charging stations the PEV will stop by, and how much to recharge at each stop so as to minimize the total amount energy consumption of the PEV. This is the first study in the literature that considers speed optimization of a PEV in a path selection problem. Firstly, a mixed-integer second order cone programming formulation is proposed as a solution methodology. Secondly, to be able to solve larger size instances, a matheuristic is developed. Lastly, a variable neighborhood search (VNS) heuristic is designed for this problem. Solution quality and computation times of the heuristics and the exact algorithm are compared on different instances. It is shown that all solution methods provide good quality solutions in reasonable computational times.

Short Bio

Bilgenur Erdoğan received her B.Sc. degree from Middle East Technical University Industrial Engineering Department in 2017. She received her M.Sc. degree from Middle East Technical University Industrial Engineering Department in 2021. She currently holds a Research Assistant position in the Department of Industrial Engineering METU, where she continues her Ph.D. studies. Prior to her current position, she had worked as a Configuration Management Engineer in ASELSAN A.Ş. for two years. Her main responsibilities were product life management, digitalization of ASELSAN and application of modern configuration management techniques to her sector. Her research interests include mathematical modelling and optimization, second order cone programming, and green logistics applications.


Friday, June 18, 2021, 4.00 pm - Zoom Meeting 


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