We are in close contact with our graduates through email lists, focus group meetings, and social activities.

ListEM is the email list of the graduates of the Industrial Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University. It aims at creating a mutual communication, sharing, and cooperation environment among its members. ListEM has more than 1500 members. Members post and receive some 100-300 email messages per month. Graduates of the Department can apply for ListEM membership and join the list subject to approval.

METU IE Alumni Group in Linkedin is a more formal communication tool with over 1700 members. Graduates can apply for membership by contacting the list manager(s).

The Career Insights page in Likedin gives an idea about the profile of METU IE alumni (where they live, where they work, and what they do) and allows search among our graduates having an account in Linkedin.

Graduates of our department may also find useful the following links that are available to all METU alumni.

METU Alumni Office is the main communication site of the University with its graduates.

METU alumni network ODTÜM is the network through which graduates can communicate with the University and departments as well as with each other. Every METU graduate can register for ODTÜM voluntarily. ODTÜM also provides information about Job Opportunities.

METU Alumni Day is an annual event that brings METU graduates together in a celebratory environment.

There are a number of METU Alumni Associations and Communities in different cities, the largest ones being in Ankara and İstanbul.

Mezunlarla İlgili Olanaklar ve Kolaylıklar can provide graduates some tips on university related facilities, means, and opportunities.