Research Areas

Faculty members of the METU IE Department have research interests in a wide variety of areas. In addition to their academic research, the IE faculty members are also active in sponsored research projects conducted for the industry and the government.


M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Industrial Engineering and Operational Research allow our graduate students to work on research questions motivated by real world problems.


M.S. in Engineering Management program specifically designed for non-majors facilitate interaction of the IE faculty with students from other disciplines.


Under supervision of the faculty members, senior B.S. student teams conduct their Systems Design projects in an attempt to generate solution alternatives for specific problems of companies and governmental institutions.


The Design and Optimization Laboratory (TOL) aims at archiving research outputs and making research software reusable. The main focus of TOL is scientific computing and modeling. TOL organizes seminars and tutorials on licensed and open source software.


The IE faculty also initiates and participates in applied research funded by companies and governmental institutions. These projects often involve interdisciplinary work and cooperation with academicians from other departments.


Our key research focus areas are:

  • Facility location and layout
    • Network design
    • Layout design
    • Material handling system design
  • Production planning and scheduling
    • Aggregate production planning, material requirements planning
    • Product mix planning
    • Lot sizing
    • Shop floor scheduling
    • Assembly line balancing
    • Just in time and lean manufacturing
    • Project scheduling
  • Logistics and supply chain management
    • Transportation planning
    • Vehicle routing
    • Inventory management
    • Warehouse management
    • Coordination and collaboration management
    • Retail management
    • Closed-loop supply chains
    • Humanitarian logistics
  • Revenue management
    • Customer segmentation, pricing
  • Service systems management
    • Waste management
    • Telecommunication
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Energy planning
  • Business analytics and information systems
    • Data mining
    • Statistical data analysis
    • Early warning systems
    • Enterprise resource planning
    • Customer relationship management
    • Business process modeling
  • Decision sciences and operations research
    • Linear, integer, and nonlinear optimization
    • Network theory
    • Algorithms
    • Metaheuristics
    • Multi-criteria decision making
    • Stochastic processes, queueing theory
    • Stochastic programming
    • Forecasting models
    • Military operations research
  • Quality management
    • Statistical Quality Control
    • Six sigma, lean six sigma, design for six sigma
    • Robust and sustainable product and process design
    • Quality function deployment
    • Total quality management
    • Innovative quality problem solving
    • Competitive quality investments


See Research Activities for products of our research.