Attention to the GRAD students who want to take IE4XX technical elective courses in this semester (Spring 2017) UPDATED !

 This semester, there are 4 undergraduate technical elective courses which are available for the grad students to take. You can see the list of the courses below. 


On Wednesday, February 15, there will be a meeting about technical elective courses at 10:00 at IE03. In order to get information about IE4XX technical elective courses, you can attend this meeting.


As grad students, you will NOT give any preference list for the IE4XX courses. Instead, ‘first come first served’ policy will be applied for those courses (please consider that the capacity allocated to the grad students is very limited for IE4XX courses). Therefore, you should send an e-mail about the IE4XX course you want to take before 17:00 on Thursday, February 16. The subject of your mail should be TECHELECGRAD_youridnumber. Example: TECHELECGRAD_1234567. If the subject of your mail is not proper, your mail can be ignored. You should send this e-mail to


Assignments will be announced on the web page of the department on Friday, February 17.


Do NOT add any technical elective courses before the assignments are announced. Your registration will NOT be approved if you add any technical elective course that you are not assigned to.


Technical Elective Courses for the GRAD Students


IE 456

Network Routing

B. Çavdar

IE 4906

Special Topics in IE: Retailing Management

Ö. Karaer

IE 4907

Special Topics in IE: Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization

B. Lokman

IE 4908

Special Topics in IE: Humanitarian Logistics

M. Çelik

IE 4909

Analysis and Optimization Methods in Finance

B. Çavdar

IE 4912

Special Topics in IE: Optimization in Stochastic Systems

S. Savaşaneril


Technical Elective Assignment Committee